Content Workshops Programme (CWP)

When new technology arrives we as MCTs always wants to be among the first out there talking about the new stuff. Many times we do not get the materials we need or have access to it. CPLS partners pressuring us to developing our own materials. Basically every MCT for him self. In some senses this is a good method - removing the surplus. But we are also missing a whole market of early adopters.

To reach a goal where trainers can be more prepared to deliver the training that is requested by the customer we have launched a concept in the countries we are represented which we call the Content Workshops.

A content workshop is a round-table workshop where you will mix MCTs (both staff and freelance) together with some product specialists and marketing people at Microsoft. Under one or two days the team will assemble a introduction, early adopters information or whatever content was the goal for that Content Workshops. The participants of the workshop can then go out on the field, use the material royalty free and bring it to their CPLS who can also use it for free.

This saves us a bundle of time, we do not need to reinvent what others have done, it will give us good feedback on what we develop. It will give us and the CPLS early access to materials and information that just isn't available from Microsoft. And from Microsoft's perspective this gives the marketing department, the sales people get access to speakers and evangelists that are prepared from day one.

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