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The training gives you that course leader knowledge and tools to facilitate and enhance your future course implementation. The course is operated by the International Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers (IAMCT) directed by using the delivery partner. The arrangement is in the form of a workshop, with the theory elements mixed with his own work (individual or group), performances with the feedback from attendees, peers and course leaders. Separately, but in the context of the training organized opportunity for examination in the form of a provlektion carried out in front of a panel of experts. Successfully delivers the certificate "IAMCT-Approved Technical Trainer", which together with relevant technical certification enables to become accredited Microsoft Technical Trainer (MCT). The teaching consists of handouts with theory and handouts with exercises. Course leaders are working very actively as course leader and share their practical experience.


•n Importance of preparations

•n The parts of your preparation

•n Analysis and goal

•n The physical properties of a room

•n Delivery format

•n Aids and the purpose of aids

•n Getting your message across

•n The anatomy of a presentation

•n Thesis and anti-thesis

•n Siezing the stage

•n Handling questions

•n Moving forward

•n Spice up your presentation

•n Verbal and visual communication

•n Handling the troublemaker

•n Stagefright

•n Demo tips and trics

•n A good practice

•n Resources for the MCT programe


The training is for those who want to gain a better understanding and greater ability to plan and carry out presentations and/or courses. For those of you who will be accredited the MCT, is this training a must in the preparation of the separate examination which provides the certificate "IAMCT-Approved Technical Trainer".


You should have some experience as the course leader/presenter in order to relate the different parts.

Length of training

Three days + examination

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